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#BBTitans:Congaratulations to Ipeleng as She became the first female housemate to win USD$ 1000.

The Friday night games took an exciting turn as, for the first time this season, a female Big Brother Titans housemate, Ipeleng, joined the league of only male winners. She completed all challenges in a quick one minute and 50 seconds.

Tsatsii and Juicy Jay almost score a win

The game had four challenges: Ignite the light, put out the light, copy the colors, and stack the lanterns. Each housemate, except Kanaga Jnr, had to complete the course in four minutes. The housemate who finished all challenges in the quickest time was then declared the winner of the prize.

While Ipeleng won, the race to win was very competitive as Juicy Jay was just one second away from winning; Head of House Tsatsii was also very close to beating Ipeleng’s record; however, during the stack the lanterns game, one of her lanterns fell, and she struggled to rearrange it and form a pyramid. Her loss was quite emotional, and the housemates offered comfort.

Tstasii was not the only housemate that experienced hurdles; Thabang would have bagged his second Friday night games win had he not made the mistake of doing the copy the colors challenge backward; although his entry did not count because of his error, his initial finish time was one minute and 34 seconds.

Who do you wish to see win next week?

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