“My Responsibility is To Love Her”: Lady Proudly Flaunts Her Pregnant Teenage Daughter, Video Stirs Reactions

Netizens have marveled over a young lady’s showcase of her teenage daughter who is already pregnant The young lady showcased one of her morning routines with the expectant kid who is still in school According to her, the kid didn’t get pregnant at her safe home but showed up with it because of the challenges it presented

A young lady, 23, famed for adopting underprivileged kids from the streets has caused a stir online after she showed off her teenage daughter who is pregnant.

The philanthropist runs safe homes where she caters to the kids she adopted and always refers to them as her kids.

Linly is her adopted daughter

In a recent video on TikTok, the lady showed her morning routine with her pregnant adopted teen daughter during school days.

She said the kid named Linly didn’t get pregnant in her safe home but came there that way.

“She didn’t get pregnant at our home !! She came pregnant at our safe home because of the challenges she was meeting. Am her foster mom and my responsibility is to love her and guide her,” she wrote beneath the video.

The clip started with her waking the young expectant mum from sleep. She then checks her blood pressure and the baby’s heartbeat. She ensures the kid is prepared for school.

The clip ended with the kid going to bed after returning from school.

Watch the video below:



Social media reactions

pretty20400 said:

“God-bless you so much for this kindness.”

alydee said:

“Every time I watched I just get motivated.”

nomusawenkosi said:

“I appreciate how you always ensure that the needs of all your children are met.”

Shay said:

“I was sleepy the whole video right with her too baby that nap is taking her at this point.”

Margaret Dreyer said:

“You are like one of Gods angels send down to earth to take care of his kids. may you be blessed in abundance.”

⚡️Buffy⚡️ said:

“I hope the best for your daughter linley and wish her a healthy pregnancy and baby.”